Will a 75 inch TV fit in my SUV?


Many people have questions when moving to a new home with a big size TV: I have an SUV, will my 75-inch TV fit in my SUV so that I can move it to my new home? The quick answer is: No, you'd better not.

Will a 75-inch TV fit in SUV?​

In fact, the person asking this question probably has a small to medium-sized SUV that might be just right for a 75-inch TV, but doesn't seem to be very roomy. If you fit a 75-inch TV into your SUV, but don't have much spare room, then a car is not the ideal solution for moving a TV.

TV size calculator

Let's calculate how big a 75" TV is. According to the TV size calculator, we can see that a 75" TV is around 93cm in height and 166cm in width. Although smart TVs nowadays are so slim that they don't take up much space in terms of thickness, they are not rollable and are very fragile - in fact, this is a more critical issue than if a 75-inch TV fits in an SUV.

tv in suv car.jpg

If you are sure your SUV can accommodate a 75-inch TV, you can try removing or folding down the rear seats, then you can fit the 75-inch TV flat inside your SUV. However, this is likely to damage the TV screen due to bumpy roads. Another better way to place the TV is to keep it upright and hold it in place so it's not easily broken. As our calculations show, it requires a height of about 1 meter in the SUV.

How to transport a 75-inch TV?​

Given that if you're taking such a big risk fitting a 75" TV in your SUV, how do you safely get a big 75" TV into your new home? The most reliable way is to hire a professional moving company with a spacious van to do the job for you.
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The dedicated moving van has plenty of room for your 75" TV. Therefore, the TV can be placed in the safest way possible. In addition, the moving company should take responsibility for your TV and they will make sure that your TV arrives at its destination as undamaged as possible. If it does get damaged, you can ask for compensation to reduce your property damage.

What should you do before transporting a 75-inch TV?​

The most effective way to reduce damage to large format TVs during shipping is to pack them well. Make sure your TV has complete protective materials wrapped around it, such as foam to reduce vibration and a proper TV box. If you have lost these protective materials, you can purchase them from the brand store which may be able to provide the most appropriate box for your TV.
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  • Make sure the TV is packed securely to avoid damage.
  • If the TV is damaged in transit, make sure it is insured.
  • Inform the carrier of the weight and size of the TV to ensure they have the proper equipment for shipping.