X96 MAX+ Cooling Upgrade: perfectly fix the heat issue

Nike Kidman

I bought an X96 MAX + and started to feel that the temperature is not hot as others describe, and the local movie is only warm. After looking at the online reviews, I realized that the heat did not dissipate and decided to upgrade the heat dissipation. First open the box. This step is actually not difficult. Just insert a small flat-blade screwdriver into the middle of either side of the box, and then move it vertically or slightly obliquely to the four corners, and the back cover will be opened quickly. See what it looks like after opening:

X96 MAX+  Cooling Upgrade: perfectly fix the heat issue

It can be seen that there is a piece of iron and a screw inside, which is not in contact with the chip at all, and there is basically no heat dissipation effect.
Go online and buy a heat sink. After looking at the upgrade stickers of a big god, I decided to buy a large 50 * 25 * 10MM heat sink. I bought four smaller memory chips. I bought a small one on TB and bought four. 14 * 12 * 5.5 MM, the picture is as follows:

X96 MAX+  Cooling Upgrade: perfectly fix the heat issue

The heat sink is bought back, then clean the chip surface and stick it on. The picture after sticking:

X96 MAX+  Cooling Upgrade: perfectly fix the heat issue

There is a problem here. I would like to know how to use it. The heat sink is backed with adhesive, but the seller does not know whether the adhesive can be heated. I think the heat resistance used on the heat sink should not be bad?

After the heat sink is glued, the original backplane should be changed, and the several card positions inside and the screw holes of the original iron sheet should be cut off, otherwise it will not fit. I took a paper cutter and heated it on the gas stove for ten seconds, and then cut them off one by one. It is not difficult to do it. Be careful not to cut your fingers.

X96 MAX+  Cooling Upgrade: perfectly fix the heat issue

Finally, close the back panel and squeeze the four corners slightly so that the clip is in place.
Finally measured a temperature, broadcast a 1080P movie, more than 10G, I feel that the temperature is still a bit high, and finally stabilized at 75 degrees.

Is it possible without a fan? Reluctantly, put the box upside down, with the vents facing up, uh. . The temperature is still 73 degrees, and then eggs. .

Forget it, probably the process is like this. Now the weather is not too hot. At night, the temperature is probably 24 or 5 degrees. I do n’t know if it can hold in summer, but the temperature of the case is much higher, and the heat is still at least scattered Come out a bit, don't want to add a fan, buzzing uncomfortably, I wonder if you have any good suggestions?

For the first time, please enlighten everyone.