Xbox Game Pass: the 10 best online multiplayer games to face each other


Human beings have a competitive spirit. Wanting to compete and compare the size of your biceps is an international sport and has never been made easier since online multiplayer games. Whether you are a power monster with a ratio of 4.5 or a blue fresh out of Lea Passion Horse, there is something for everyone on the Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass: the 10 best online multiplayer games to face each other

1.Rocket league

The king of fun and immediate games is him. Rocket League is a unique game with simple to play but difficult to master gameplay. There is always a good mood during a game and it is easy to forget what time it is. The game is also served with graphics and fluidity at the top level. Perfect for fans of the famous "little last before going to bed".


If the fighting world of versus fighting has bothered you to the utmost in recent years, this can give you the long-awaited wave of freshness. Absolver is a game that requires a certain investment as the possibilities are endless. Because where your mother can flatten you out by pressing all the buttons in Tekken, Absolver requires not only advanced learning but also flawless technical mastery. This level of requirement is served with a very beautiful artistic direction to make the whole more digestible. A truly atypical and refreshing multiplayer game.

3.Mortal Kombat X

As fighting games began to seriously turn around, an ancestor of the genre sets the record straight with its tenth episode soberly baptized Mortal Kombat X. Online multiplayer here offers a new dimension to the classic VS we go on until we are thirsty for blood. The clan war brings a roleplay side between each confrontation and allows to vary the pleasures. As if that were not enough, the game boasts of a very well thought out single player mode.

4.F1 2018

How difficult it is to play an online racing game without running into a series of Sunday pilots thinking only of using your beautiful body as a safety rail. Codemasters has therefore imagined a fair play system in F1 2018 which penalizes (or rewards) players according to their way of behaving on the circuit. The big guys are therefore placed in the same sessions, letting the gentlemen of the wheel compete against each other. And for a semi-realistic Formula 1 game, it cannot be refused.

5.Forza Horizon 4

No need to memorize the circuits here, make way for reflexes and improvisation on the road. The multiplayer modes of Forza Horizon 4 have different flavors and we are not going to be deprived of them, ranging from racing on bitumen to that on snow through the capture of flags and even the battle royale! By cons forget fair play, the opponents will not hesitate to send you happily in the background to better take a turn.

6.Gears 5

Bayonets and chainsaws are back in an episode more beautiful and more fluid than ever. Gear 5 takes battles between locusts and humans to the next level, with a healthy dose of skill and team strategy. The multiplayer is regularly updated with new content, so it is a candidate of choice for the next 3 years.

7.Halo 5: Guardians

More accessible than the previous episodes, the online multiplayer of Halo 5: Guardians has been able to bring modernity while maintaining the balance of parts that was the particularity of the series. The precise and formidable gameplay of Halo is combined with a multitude of playable playlists for all player profiles. Add to that the edited maps of Forge mode and you will have an infinity of playing fields.


Fans of the Advance Wars series will be able to find their marks in Wargroove and wage epic online battles. The online multiplayer content is so rich that it is almost endless. Between the map editor, campaign editor and creative sharing, we are left with a mountain of things to do and share. If you don't know the famous Advance Wars series, know that it is the best in the turn-based strategic war game.

9.Halo wars 2

A strategy game in real time on the joystick, what an absurd idea will say those still sitting at the back of the class. But since its first episode, the Halo Wars series has shown that both are possible. Halo Wars 2 will delight fans of the genre by offering different online game modes, including the famous Blitz mode which mixes STR and card games. Halo Wars can just as easily be launched for a one hour match as it is for several 15 minute Blitz sessions at ease. And then, the Halo charm works just as well in a strategy game, so why deprive yourself of it?

10.Sea of thieves

Seriously, who has never dreamed of embarking on a pirate ship and sailing from island to island facing a raging sea and armed skeletons? Despite its timid start, the Sea of Thieves phenomenon has engulfed many players in its increasingly cool and epic adventures. The game is a real sandbox on the sea and a real factory for anecdotes between friends or work colleagues. Clashes between crews are often memorable and it will take a coordination of filibusters to get by without broken wood.