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Xbox One Games: Dirt Rally 2.0 (XB)


Dirt Rally 2.0 looks good.

Shame that there’s no snow at launch but hopefully we’ll get some in one of the two confirmed (so far) dlc releases.

VR support for Pc confirmed for the summer.

In two minds whether to buy it on Xbox, as it’s my main gaming platform or on PS4 in the hope of VR being added for that at a later date.

Mus buy for me. Wonder if there’ll be a VR version for PS again?


I enjoyed Dirt Rally but was hopeless as it - if I was charitable, I'd say it was unforgiving and had a learning curve. If i was less charitable, I'd say if it was completely unsuited to the non-hardcore, rather than just me being rubbish at it :D

Seems like the Codies have reverted to that, after the rather more accessible Dirt 4 (which I have played to death via Game Pass). I think I'll pass - or at least leave it until it's cheap.