xbox one x I get an audio lag in my sound


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So I recently purchased a Samsung N950 soundbar and when I enable the Dolby atmos feature through xbox one x I get an audio lag in my sound. It's a less then 1 sec delay on YouTube, Netflix, gaming and actual 4k blu ray movies. I've tried both the lip sync feature on the soundbar and my LG C7 but that doesn't solve the problem. I've played around with the wires, tried different hdmi wires and connections. Cleared cache on the blu ray drive, and I even went to Microsoft and they were nice enough to replace my entire console. Same issue. When I switch to optical or non Dolby atmos the sound works fine but you lose on the sound immensely and it defeats the purpose of having atmos. But once i install Dolby access and use Dolby atmos, the issue arises. I have cable TV, and apple 4k tv and have no issues with sound on those devices, only xbox. I've called Samsung and xbox support and they've had me try a bunch of things but nothing works. Samsung says it's not there product that's faulty it must be the xbox.I'm not sure if it's a software patch that needs fixing or if my soundbar just won't be compatible with the console. I've read other forums and notice Dolby atmos issues with all sorts of atmos devices so I guess it's not just Samsung. Was hoping to see if anyone had any more tips or advice for the issue. I'm not sure what to do next. Thanks. Hopefully someone can help.


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is the xbox one connected to the soundbar directly? using ARC and bitstream causes some delay. I have this issue with my Samsung tv and LG soundbar, but if I run my xbox through the soundbar with bitstream enabled the lag isn't there, or at least greatly reduced