Xbox or ps4? Which one is better? What are the advantages?


PS4 and Xbox one have their own advantages and disadvantages. Xbox one is slightly better than PS4 in terms of configuration, but PS4 is better than Xbox one in terms of game exclusives. The appearance of ps4 retains the tradition of Sony game consoles. The slender body and the good impression of the handle have a high internal score. Although the Xbox has made a big change in appearance, it is a bit like a high-end DVD or an amplifier. Every family has different needs and different aesthetics.

Both Xbox one and PS4 use AMD Jaguar octa-core CPU. In terms of memory, Xbox one's ddr3-2133 256bit and PS4's gddr5 are between 8G of memory. Xbox One is equipped with two systems, Xbox OS to play games, Windows For OS software, the boundary between PC and XBox is not obvious.