Xbox Series X -should I buy it without hdmi 2.1 for 4k 120Hz ?


So guys and girls I was initially excited about the upcoming Xbox series X, until I noticed that my 2018 Samsung QLED 9 series QE55Q9FN only Supports 4k @60Hz and 1080P @120Hz (hdmi2.0). In fact I even checked this years QLED 90 QE55Q90R and that doesn’t have 2.1. Is there gonna be any point in getting the console in October? Can you upgrade the hdmi port? This is gonna be expensive.

The Xbox one x has about 6 teraflops of GPU and SATA hard drive and outputs at that already. The series x will have 12TF Of GPU and an SSD! And Devs at cyberpunk have already stated they will have a series x patch to take it beyond the one X release. Lets not side track and get back on topic, I’m interested in the fact that only the very cream of the crop TVs have 2.1 hdmi. That’s he angle I’m coming in at. Are there ways around it hardware wise.


I’m almost 100% confident that new consoles won’t be playing games at 4K120

At most, they’ll be playing at 4K60

Currently, the Xbox One X uses techniques such as dynamic resolution to achieve 4K30 in some games.

Think about it logically, even £1K GPUs (2080 Ti) can’t comfortably hit 4K120 even paired with CPUs running at 5 GHz that cost >£250

High frame rates put a significant amount of stress on the CPU, due to the quicker processing times required for physics etc (hence why intel CPUs are typically better for gaming - better single core performance)

Therefore, how can you expect a ~£500 console to achieve these frame rates without significant impact on texture and visual quality?