Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5, Microsoft has three major advantages


Today, I will discuss several ways in which Microsoft leads the next generation of software packages. Sony ’s exclusive PS5 will only be used on PS5 (at least for a long time), and Microsoft promises to launch platforms on all Microsoft, including PCs. From a purely practical perspective, it makes the most sense to have a gaming PC and PS5.

Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5

Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5​

Let's take a look at the three major advantages of Microsoft's system on PlayStation 5.

1. Xbox Game Pass is a unique application

In the gaming industry, there is nothing like Xbox Game Pass. There are other similar services, such as EA Access or PS Now, but Game Pass is the best. Subscribers can access the huge and constantly updated game catalog, just like Netflix does every month.

The library provides access to all Microsoft first-party exclusives on the first day. Acquired many development studios. For Xbox Live X and Xbox Series X, this will be of greater value to consumers and Microsoft than ever before.

Game Pass Ultimate combines Game Pass with an Xbox Live With Gold subscription at a price of $ 14.99 per month, which is an amazing feature that gives you access to online games and apps, and free monthly Gold and Game Pass games. This is an extraordinary value, it will continue to apply to Xbox SeriesX.

2. Microsoft has done a great job in "unlimited access".

Microsoft will "adopt [Xbox All Access] when the game console starts." This is good news for any gamer with a limited budget. Even if the price of the Xbox Series X is higher than that of the PlayStation 5, this may give Microsoft a huge startup advantage. On the one hand, as mentioned above, the COVID-19 pandemic severely damaged the economy and people ’s expenditures.

For many gamers, accessibility may make a big difference. Let gamers pay for the Xbox Series X in the same way as buying a smartphone-once a month for 24 months. Players can now buy new Xbox One X or Xbox One S for free, without monthly payment, monthly repayment (price of diskless Xbox One S starts at $ 20 per month), and Xbox One X up to $ 25 per month) And receive a free 2-year Game Pass Ultimate subscription as part of the transaction.

Remember, Game Pass Ultimate already costs $ 15 per month, so you can buy it and a console for $ 5 to $ 10 per month. This is a crazy deal.
Even better, after 18 months, you can trade in and upgrade to the next generation system. Even if the Xbox Series X is very expensive, it makes it more affordable, especially because it includes Game Pass Ultimate, which means you can imagine not buying any new games in a few years, and still have more than 100 games to play with. , Including the latest exclusive Microsoft products.

3. Smart Delivery brings huge value to Xbox One owners.

Microsoft does not guarantee that every Xbox One game released on the Xbox Series X can only be purchased once, but it promises to do two things.
First, at least for the foreseeable future, all of Microsoft ’s exclusive products will be released on Xbox One and next-generation products, and you only have to pay for these two versions once.

Secondly, any game marked as "smart delivery from a third party" can also be purchased and used in two generations at a time. For example, if you buy Assassin's Creed: Valhalla on Xbox One, and then upgrade to Xbox Series X for one year from now, you will get the Xbox Series X version for free. It is unclear whether games like Destiny 2 will become "smart deliveries."

This is not the same thing as backward compatibility. We should expect many current versions of games to be backward compatible on Xbox Series X and PS5. This is different because you are actually getting the next generation version of the game for free.

Maybe Sony will implement similar measures in the future, or announce this when they fully showcase the PlayStation 5. However, for now, this is just another huge advantage of the Xbox Series X, and another way Microsoft makes games trivial is that Xbox gamers can afford it.

Three-to-one-thirds of the performance of Game Pass, All Access and Smart Delivery make Xbox Series X (probably Xbox Series X) of significant value to consumers. Now, the real question becomes: Will the console really release this holiday, and if it can, is there enough supply to meet demand?
These questions are unresolved and it is best not to even try. But now, Microsoft has done excellent work to make its next-generation system attractive, affordable, and bring all value to all gamers regardless of price.