Xbox Supports Switching TV Input Signals with Gamepads


For most TV models on the market, switching input signals often requires remote control or TV body buttons. Starting today, Xbox Series X|S users can use the controller to switch TV input signals.
Xbox Supports Switching TV Input Signals with Gamepads.png

The feature, announced by Xbox's Larry Hryb as part of CEC, allows consoles using this feature to send commands to other devices (televisions) through their controllers. CEC has been available on Xbox consoles for a while, but starting today, users can switch the TV's input signal with the controller.

As long as the TV connected to the Xbox Series X|S supports CEC, players can use their Xbox controller to switch input signals. According to the introduction of the Xbox official website, this function can be turned on in the power settings of the TV. After checking HDMI-CEC, click the circular watermelon button in the center of the handle, and the TV will switch to the signal input of the game console.