XGIMI A3 Pro vs. XGIMI A3 projector, what's the difference?


XGIMI A3 Pro is the upgraded version of the XGIMI A3 projector, let's see what's the difference between the two projectors.

1. Optical parameters

XGIMI A3 Pro projector.jpg

XGIMI A3 Pro and A3 both use full-color laser technology, and in terms of color, both have a 132.3% DCI-P3 ultra-wide color gamut, so the picture color performance is almost the same. And the standard resolution are up to 4K, so the picture clarity is the same. The only difference is that the brightness of the two projectors is different. XGIMI A3 Pro has a brightness of 400nit, which is much higher than the XGIMI A3, and therefore performs better in the daytime.

2. System

XGIMI A3 Pro and XGIMI A3 use the MTK9669 processing chip, so the decoding functions are the same. The difference between the two devices is the system storage, where the memory, XGIMI A3 Pro and A3 both use 4G memory, while XGIMI A3 Pro has 1T of storage space, far more than the A3.

3. Projection

Both the XGIMI A3 Pro and A3 support auto keystone correction, and both projectors also support HDR10+ HLG decoding and MEMC motion compensation.

4. Specs

The XGIMI A3 Pro and A3 are equipped with Harman Kardon audio, and the sound quality is the same. In terms of interface, XGIMI A3Pro is equipped with HDMI 2.1 interface, which allows A3 Pro to connect to other host devices to play games without high latency, bringing users a better experience.