XGIMI CC User Review of its Real Picture Effect

In autumn 2018, XGIMI Technology released a lightweight product "XGIMI CC". The model is mainly for outdoor users. From the appearance, the CC model is a reduced version of the XGIMI H1. XGIMI CC follows the usual home style. H1 looks like a rice cooker. CC is naturally a bento box ... er ... .. Wait a minute, I really want to forget what I added. Here I would like to talk about this new bento box CC:

First impression about XGIMI CC

I got is the internal test engineering version of XGIMI CC. The shape of the official machine is exactly the same. Friends who have used H1, their first feeling when they see CC might be the same with me, chic! It is worth mentioning that this time the XGIMI CC made the sound like the Z4 series. The CC sound was changed to cooperate with JBL this time, the sound quality is full, and the H1 Harman Kardon is not lost. A grille can be clearly seen in the front to ensure that the sound will not be blocked.

XGIMI CC User Review of its Pros and Cons

The XGIMI CC Home Projector is a 720P Home Video Projector. This LED projector is capable of displaying 350 Lumens setting with a native resolution of 720p , and is 3D capable. The internal DLP technology touts higher contrast, less visible pixels and more portability. Weighing in at 1.5 kg, this portable projector is perfect for business travelers, taking on a family vacation or just moving from room to room.

XGIMI CC User Review of its Pros and Cons

An autofocus lens is placed on the right side of the optical machine. This is also the first machine that XGIMI uses autofocus. Overall, the autofocus effect is not bad. Yes, this CC lens made a bold attempt, using Corning Gorilla Glass lens, abandoned the resin lens, brought the gospel to those with obsessive-compulsive disorder, you can safely use tissue or glasses cloth wipe the dust off the lens. The information in the official website is enough to see the parameters of the official website. How about watching movies on this model? Officials look down) Second, second impression: Chic with a hint of enchanting XGIMI CC uses the same resolution and rectangular imaging as the XGIMI Z4air, compared to other Z4X, Z4 Aurora, Z3 series 720p In terms of resolution, the picture quality is more delicate. The picture is a screenshot of part of the plot of the Japanese drama idol movie "Bottom Hot Girl", the size is 1.18GB

XGIMI CC User Review of its Pros and Cons

To be honest, CC has a much better texture than my Z4X. During the test, the size I put was nearly 50 inches. Although the brightness of the CC is only 350 ANSI, when the battery mode is switched to-standard mode, the picture is still very bright in this size. This video source is ripped, the picture texture is not as good as the Blu-ray spicy, but it is quite satisfactory.

What is the maximum size of XGIMI CC?

17GB "Dinosaurs" is taking pictures from 3D to 2D playback, the picture is slightly blurred.


Although the 170 inch screen of XGIMI cannot be put into such a large size in real life, what the editor wants to say is that this is also my first attempt. I usually put it around 50-110 inches, It has been proved through practice that it is possible for a micro projector to cast a 170-inch screen, even with the brightness of 350ANSI such as CC.