XGIMI Horizon Pro, how to pair with the Bluetooth remote control?


XGIMI Horizon Pro is a 4K projector, how to pair it with the Bluetooth remote control? Here's the guide.

XGIMI Horizon Pro.jpg

1. Place the XGIMI remote control within 10 cm of the XGIMI Horizon Pro

2. Press the “return” and “home” buttons on the remote control at the same time

XGIMI Horizon Pro remote.jpg

3. Release buttons when the indicator light flashes continuously.

4. After hearing a “ding” sound, pairing is successful.

5. If pairing fails, exit pairing mode and wait 30 seconds before following the above steps to pair again.


New member
What if I lost the remote to begin with? Can I progress beyond that initial request to pair a remote?


The XGIMI H5 is available with the VIVIDSTORM alr anti-light screen that does not turn white even during daytime projection, providing good color contrast.