XGIMI Horizon Pro VS. Anker Nebula Cosmos Max VS. Dangbei Mars Pro Projector


This article will compare three popular 4K projectors, XGIMI Horizon Pro, Anker Nebula Cosmos Max and Dangbei Mars Pro. They do not differ much in price, so let's see what differences they have and which one is more worth buying.

XGIMI Horizon Pro VS. Anker Nebula Cosmos Max VS. Dangbei Mars Pro.jpg

1. Appearance

All three projectors have a dark color appearance, and the oval appearance of the Nebula Cosmos Max is what sets it apart from the others. Dangbei Mars Pro projector, on the other hand, is more sophisticated in terms of materials, using 2.5D nano-coated glass + aerospace aluminum to present a smoother surface. On the body of the XGIMI Horizon Pro, you can find the Harman Kardon logo, and the Dangbei Mars Pro is marked with its highlight: native 4K.

2. Picture and Sound

All three projectors advertise themselves as 4K projectors, so the picture quality is the focus of our attention. The brightness of these three is quite different. The Dangbei Mars Pro outputs an impressive 3200 ANSI lumens, the XGIMI Horizon Pro is 2200 ANSI lumens, and the Nebula Cosmos Max is only 1500 ANSI lumens.

dangbei mars pro 3200 ansi lumens.jpg

The biggest difference between the Dangbei Mars Pro and the other two projectors is the use of laser as the light source, using ALPD laser fluorescent display technology to output high lumens while ensuring a richer and more realistic picture. The projector is certified by TÜV Rheinland as low blue light, which can effectively filter harmful blue light and protect human eyes.

1500 ansi lumens.jpg

Three projectors support HDR10 and Dolby Audio, with built-in speakers, so you can experience a cinema-quality experience at home without external speakers.

3. System

Both Horizon Pro and Cosmos Max have built-in Android TV, and users can install the application in Google Play. The Horizon Pro has a RAM 2GB+ ROM 32GB configuration and the Cosmos Max has a RAM 2GB+ ROM 16GB. The Dangbei Mars Pro comes with a built-in Emotn OS based on Android 9.0, which allows users to install the required applications in the Emotn Store without having to sign in, providing greater privacy. In addition, Mars Pro features a 4GB+128GB high configuration, users can download more content and the system is smooth.

android tv vs emotn os.jpg

4. Summary

XGIMI Horizon Pro VS. Anker Nebula Cosmos Max VS. Dangbei Mars Pro.png

More and more users are choosing to buy 4K projectors because it provides a clearer picture. In addition to clarity, color reproduction and richness are also things we need to consider. At the same time, the importance of eye protection projectors cannot be overstated if the screen is viewed for long periods of time. If you are considering comprehensive performance or want to try a laser projector, then the Dangbei Mars Pro is the most cost-effective laser product.


The XGIMI Horizon's projection looks like this, with an ALR anti-light screen and beautiful colors even when the lights are on


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