XGIMI NEW Z6X Projector


I have used XGIMI NEW Z6X Projector for a long time, here want to share it with you.

XGIMI NEW Z6X Projector Appearance​

The XGIMI NEW Z6X projector has a very high appearance. The overall body design is compact. The thickness of the body is only 4.8cm and the weight is less than 1kg. It is very convenient to put it at home or in a carry-on bag.

XGIMI NEW Z6X Projector Picture​

In terms of screen display, the XGIMI NEW Z6X projector is equipped with 1080P high-definition resolution and 800ANSI lumens of brightness, which can present a clear 100-inch large screen at night or during the day. At the same time, it also supports the second-generation motion compensation technology. Through the intelligent frame insertion algorithm, it ensures a smooth viewing experience when watching sports blockbusters.

XGIMI NEW Z6X Projector Sound​

The outstanding performance is not only in the picture quality, but also the sound performance of the XGIMI NEW Z6X projector has reached a high level. Effect.

XGIMI NEW Z6X Projector Features​

As a home projector, the richness of application functions is also very important. The XGIMI NEW Z6X home projector is equipped with the MAVII machine vision system, making projection easier and easier to use. And it is also equipped with more than ten content platforms, which can fully meet the daily viewing needs of users.
NEW Z6X.jpg

XGIMI NEW Z6X Projector Ports​

In order to facilitate users to access various external devices, the XGIMI NEW Z6X projector is also fully equipped with interfaces, including HDMI interface and USB interface, which can be connected to various external playback devices, making movie viewing more casual and richer.


As a home projector, the XGIMI NEW Z6X not only has the quality expected of a home projector but also has the compact and lightweight features of a portable projector, which is worthy of young consumers' choice.