Xiaomi Q2 2022 vs Xiaomi Q1 2021 Review Comparison


Recently, Xiaomi announced the 2022 Xiaomi Q2 TV. In fact, the 2021 version of Xiaomi TV Q1 was the previous version of this series. So, will the Xiaomi Q2 be an upgraded version of the Xiaomi Q1 TV? What are the features of the Xiaomi Q series TVs? And what are the differences between Xiaomi Q2 and Q1? Should you upgrade your Xiaomi TV to the latest one? Today, let's compare Xiaomi Q2 vs Xiaomi Q1, and we found out that the facts are beyond our expectations.

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Xiaomi Q2 vs Q1: Concise Aesthetic Appearance​

Xiaomi Q2 and Xiaomi Q1 feature almost the same design on the exterior. They both have an ultra-thin bezel-less design, which expands the viewing field. The difference is that Xiaomi Q2 and Xiaomi Q1 have different support methods for their bases. Xiaomi Q1 has a triangle-shaped stand in addition to a horizontal bar in the middle of the TV base designed to connect the frame. The new Xiaomi Q2, on the other hand, removes the horizontal bar and is visually more minimalistic.

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Xiaomi Q2 vs Q1: Downgraded System & Refresh Rate​

One of the major changes is in the version of Android on both TVs. Do you think the new version of Q2 should have the latest system version? Then you thought wrong! The Xiaomi Q2 has Android 10 with a Quad Core Cortex A55 processor, while the Xiaomi Q1 has Android 11 with MediaTek MT9611. This seems like a regressive choice, but perhaps it's the manufacturer's way of lowering the price to improve the price/performance ratio.

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What's more, the ROM has been reduced from 32 GB to 16 GB. Another similar downgrade occurs in the refresh rate. The 2022 version of Xiaomi Q2 has 60Hz, while the 2021 version of Xiaomi Q1 has 120Hz. So Xiaomi Q2 does not improve TV picture smoothness over the older version.

Xiaomi Q2 vs Q1: What should you go for?​

The answers are size and price!

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Xiaomi Q2 doesn't seem to bring better performance to the table, so what's the best thing about this TV? There is no doubt that Xiaomi has made considerations for specific users in terms of TV sizes and prices that people care about more. The 2021 Xiaomi Q1 offers 75 inches at 1599euros, which seems to be suitable only for those who have large living rooms and medium to high budgets. 2022 Xiaomi Q2 TV offers 50, 55, and 65 inches at lower prices, which seems to be more in line with most users' choices. Please use the TV size calculator to choose the most suitable TV size.

Final Consideration​

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As compared above, the 2022 Xiaomi Q2 is a more affordable TV that has been tweaked in terms of price and configuration to make it more suitable for most households. If you've already purchased the Xiaomi TV Q1, you can enjoy its large field of view, as well as its smooth video picture. If you're considering a cost-effective TV and are on a budget, the Xiaomi Q2 is worth considering.
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