Xiaomi Redmi A58 TV Review, 2022 New 4K TV


April 25, Xiaomi in the release of Redmi A58 2022 models of TV, is now available for pre-order, will be April 28 at 0:00 open for sale, the original price of 1699 yuan($259), the first price of 1599 yuan($244).

Xiaomi Redmi A58 TV.jpg

The Redmi A58 2022 model is equipped with a rare 58-inch screen with 4K resolution and a metal full-screen design with a screen-to-body ratio of 95.4%, which is almost all screen on the front, allowing the image to spread across the entire screen and the view is no longer disturbed by the bezel.

With 1 billion primary colors displayed, the color rendering has made a great leap forward with richer, more accurate, and smoother transitions, and the beautiful colors of nature are delicately restored.

The Redmi A58 TV is equipped with a 4-core processor with 1.5GB of RAM and 8GB of flash memory. The sound system is equipped with two 10W speakers.

The interfaces include two USB ports, two HDMI ports, AV port, and network cable port, etc. Wi-Fi supports single-band 2.4G.