Xiaomi releases full-color laser theater projector, 1400 ANSI lumens


Today, Xiaomi released a full-color laser theater with an ultra-short focal length lens, 1400 ANSI lumens, priced at 6999 yuan($1098), with a debut price of 6399 yuan($1004).

Xiaomi full-color laser theater projector.png

Officially, Xiaomi's full-color laser theater projector uses RGB tricolor laser light source direct imaging, removing the traditional color wheel filter structure, so that the brilliant colors directly to the screen, bringing the color gamut, brightness and picture translucency to the next level of improvement.

The Xiaomi Full Color Laser Cinema features a new display chip with 1400 ANSI lumens and 95% BT2020 color gamut; it is designed with an ultra-short focal length lens for wall projection. In terms of parameters, the projector is powered by the Amlogic T982 4-core A55 flagship CPU with 2G DDR4 memory and 16GB flash memory. Interfaces include three HMDI 2.1, one USB 3.1, as well as network and audio ports.

In terms of audio, Xiaomi Full Color Laser theater projector uses dual full-range + dual high-frequency speaker units, which are dual certified by DTS and Dolby and support WANOS China Panorama Sound virtual sound field.