Xiaomi TV casting screen has sound but no picture


If your Mi TV black screen with sound but no picture when casting, here is the troubleshooting and solutions.

Why does MI TV have sound but no picture when casting?​

Why does MI TV have sound but no picture when casting.jpg

1. Adjust the image resolution​

(1) Turn on the TV, click to enter the general settings;

(2) In the general settings page, click to enter the wireless projection screen, and then click the advanced display settings;

(3) After entering the page, click to modify the image resolution to 1600x900.

2. The TV video cable is not plugged in properly​

If there is a problem with the video cable connection of your Xiaomi TV, the picture will not be displayed, please plug in the video cable.

3. The video source is not compatible with Xiaomi TV​

Another possibility is that the video source you are projecting is not compatible with your Xiaomi TV. It is recommended to change the video source.