Xiaomi TV Image Color Display Failure, Why and Fix



How to fix Xiaomi TV image color display failure?​

When the Xiaomi TV display fails, you can try to reset the factory settings of the TV to see if the color problem can be solved. If it still does not work, it is possible that the display decoding circuit of the TV is faulty or damaged. In this case, the decoding circuit needs to be replaced as soon as possible, and the problem of image color can be solved after the replacement.
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How to prevent Xiaomi TV from image color display failure?​

Next, I will tell you what problems we should pay attention to when watching TV, so that the TV can serve us better.

1. When watching a program, the color and contrast of the TV should be set to a moderate level. Do not adjust the contrast of the TV screen to a very high level, which will not only give a poor viewing effect, but also not conducive to prolonging the normal life of the TV monitor.

2. The brightness of the TV should not be too high. Under the premise of being able to see a clear image, you can adjust the brightness to be darker. If the brightness of the screen is turned on too high, it will cause some negative effects.

On the one hand, it will accelerate the aging of the fluorescent substance on the TV screen, promote its premature exhaustion, and shorten the life of the TV screen. On the other hand, it will increase the power consumption of the TV, resulting in energy waste. In addition, too high brightness will irritate the eyes, and even cause vision loss for a long time.

3. Do not move or vibrate the TV when watching the program or just shutting down, to prevent the picture tube from being damaged. At the same time, do not allow the TV to be directly exposed to sunlight.