Xiaomi Xming Q1 VS. Wanbo T2 Max Review, which is better?


Xiaomi Xming Q1 and Wanbo T2 Max look very similar in appearance, which one is better, and what are their differences?

model nameXming Q1Wanbo T2 Max
Display TypeLCDLCD
Brightness250 ANSI Lumens250 ANSI Lumens
Native resolution1080P1080P
Light sourceLEDLED
lens materialGlass and resinGlass
Operating systemFengOSAndroid
projection ratio1.3:11.35:1
Lamp Life25000 hours20000 hours


Xming Q1

Wanbo T2 Max


1. Optical parameters

In the display technology, the two projectors are LCD technology; In the projection light source, the use of LED light source; In terms of picture brightness, both projectors are 250ANSI lumens; In terms of resolution, they are all 1080P. Basically, in terms of optical parameters, Xiaoming Q1 and Wanbo T2 MAX are basically the same, but in terms of lens, Xming Q1 is a combination of glass and resin, while Wanbo T2 Max uses an all-glass lens, which is not prone to the phenomenon of virtual focal.

2. System parameters

In terms of processor, Xming Q1 q1 uses an AmlogicT972 processing chip, while Wanbo t2max uses MStar quad-core processing chip. In terms of chip performance, Xming Q1 performs better and the video decoding speed is faster. In terms of system storage, Xiaoming Q1 has a larger operating memory, up to 2G, and supports more programs running in the background. However, the storage space is smaller than that of Wanbo T2max, so less application software can be installed.

3. Projection parameters

In the picture correction function, the two projectors need manual focus, and the keystone correction function, both support four-point keystone correction, can be side cast installation; In terms of projection ratio, Xming Q1's projection ratio is smaller, and the distance required for projection of the 100-inch picture is shorter, which is more suitable for small families. In terms of voice function, Xming Q1 has built-in AI and supports voice control, while Wanbo T2max does not support voice function.