Zootopia (2016) review: From Utopia to Zootopia


After watching the second "Crazy Animal City", I began to feel some of these places: this seemingly comedy, funny, and even a little childish Disney masterpiece is far more meaningful than it seems, and should be more attractive Think deeply.

First of all, the name <Zootopia> comes from Thomas Moore ’s famous book <Utopia>, which refers to a communist country, where the property is public and the people are equal. Uniform work clothes, dining in public restaurants, officials are elected by public elections. It is believed that private ownership is the source of all evils and it must be eliminated. As for the title of this film, it refers to an animal utopia.


Let's take a look at the plot: In order to pursue his dreams, Judy came to the seemingly perfect Animal City as a policeman. When he met Nick when he was a traffic policeman and posted a ticket, he then cracked the "Midnight Howling" conspiracy in the Animal City. It seems that the whole story is so simple, but such a simple story certainly can't get a high score, because its key is in a series of metaphors.

This film is just to tell people two things:

1. In order to pursue our dreams, we should try various methods and do our best to realize it. Everyone can see that it is the classic theme of Disney movies, which can also be seen from Shakira ’s theme song <Try Everything> ;

2. This is the point. Disney's animation shows more than just an animal world, but the "style" of this era and society. Among them, Secretary Yang became the mayor after successfully removing the mayor of the lion, and continued to use the midnight howl to kill other predators in the animal city, and wanted to end the status of all predators. But this is the Animal City, a place where all animals are equal, a blissful space where predators and prey live in peace. From Nick ’s ice cream shop, it can be seen that the prey is actually afraid, rejected and opposed to predators; but the prey accounts for 90% of the animal city, so the sheep bleating secretary took this opportunity to let all (not all) The prey rises against the predators and lists them on the "black list".


Therefore, what this movie really wants to tell everyone is: there is no eternal utopia in the world. The so-called equality of all people is a fool's thing. People can only find the way forward through constant confrontation and mistakes; at the same time, Disney also " Ingeniously added the issue of racial discrimination, because the number of black Americans has accounted for about 12% in recent years, but in fact, although Lincoln ended the Civil War and unified the United States, everyone knows that black discrimination still exists, just like the 10% Like predators, 90% of the prey is opposed and rejected. However, in the real world, perhaps no one will maintain fair justice and maintain equality between races like Nick and Judy, because justice will always be in the hands of the rulers of the authorities.

Finally, the words of Secretary Sheep (or mayor) conclude: "When 90% of the prey rises against the remaining predators", the prey will become a predator, and it's happening, now.


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