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Emotn Store

Emotn Store 1.0.28

Emotn Store is a TV app store specifically designed for smart TVS and Android TV boxes. You can download basically everything you need for your TV and TV box in Emotn Store. The Apps in the store include entertainment, music, news, sports, education and fitness, etc.


You can find the app you need through the category.

22 (3).png

Good health Apps for your fitness at home.


There are some good tools for smart TVs and TV boxes.


Emotn Store also has a leaderboard for each category for your reference.


You can easily get the APP in the store with a simple click to download.

Emton Store official website:https://app.emotn.com/


More discussion: https://www.tvsbook.com/forums/emotn-store.17/
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Latest reviews

At that time I really wanted to get rid of the Play Store, but I was looking for an app store for TV, which I couldn't find on the internet, but I had found this app store that I thought was very good, but it has few apps, but is coming to the store is very successful, it has a lot of apps that compete with other app store brands.
Rich apps
Many rare apps!
very impress me!
Coolz app store
love it
I've used this APP for a couple of days, I really love it. Now I just have this one instead of installing so many apps. And guys, watching TikTok on TV is really good.
super cool.