OnePlus TV Manual Download pdf

OnePlus TV Manual Download pdf 2022-08-22

This is the OnePlus TV manual profile for OnePlus TV Y Series. You can press the Download button and get the file for free.

OnePlus TV Manual
This product is qualifified for the BEE Star rating in the "Energy Saving" Mode. The Objectives of Star Labeling Program is designed to promote energy effiffifficient products and practices. When the television is initially set up, it is designed to meet the BEE Star Labeling requirements while maintaining optimum picture quality.
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● Changes to certain functionalities of this television (TV Guide, Picture/sound, etc.) may change the
power consumption.

● Depending upon such changed setting (eg., Shop mode), the power consumption may vary which
possibly could exceed the stated energy consumption.

To reset the television to Star rating qualifified settings, select "Energy Saving" mode in “Picture Mode” of “TV Options” after pressing MENU button. This device was set to "Energy Saving" mode by default for energy saving, if you need to experience higher brightness, you are recommended to adjust to "Standard" mode in "Picture Mode".
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