Samsung AU8000 manual download

Samsung AU8000 manual download 2022-06-15

This is the Samsung AU8000 Manual, which includes many guides for using your Samsung TV, such as how to adjust the Picture and Sound, Setting the Viewing Environment for External Devices. For more about this product, read Samsung BU8000 VS AU8000, SAMSUNG BU8000 VS AU8000 VS TU8000 Comparison

For the complete information, download the file.

Connection Guide
You can view detailed information about external devices that can be connected to the TV.
Source>Connection Guide
It shows you how to connect various external devices such as video devices, game consoles and PCs using pictures.

If you select the connection method and an external device, the connection details appear.

• Audio Device: HDMI (eARC), Optical, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Speaker Surround Setup
• Video Device: HDMI, AV
• Smartphone: Screen Sharing (Smart View), SmartThings, Apple AirPlay, NFC on TV, Tap View
• PC: HDMI, Screen Sharing (Wireless), Apple AirPlay
• Input Device: Remote Control, Keyboard, Mouse, USB Gamepad, USB Camera, Bluetooth Device
• Game Console: HDMI, AV
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