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Yimu TV APP v5.2.0

Yimu TV APP is a software that includes a massive amount of free film and television resources. Users can directly search for various popular TV shows and movies inside the app, and simply click to play and watch. There are also multiple options for video quality, allowing users to enjoy a better viewing experience and immerse themselves in the joy of binge-watching.

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Key Features:

  1. Massive content resources, diverse materials, and one-click binge-watching mode.
  2. Fast update speed, playing in ultra-high definition quality, ensuring smooth viewing.
  3. Supports offline viewing, allowing users to easily enjoy binge-watching even without an internet connection.
  4. Creates a TV-like experience on smartphones, making it more interesting.
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Advantages of Yimu Embedded TV Software:

  1. Completely free, saving the expense of a large sum of digital TV subscription fees.
  2. Synchronizes with high-definition live broadcasts from TV stations, covering the vast majority of CCTV and satellite TV channels, with genuine sources that never disconnect.
  3. Program sources are maintained by thousands of netizens, providing stable and reliable program sources at any time.
  4. Conveniently watch domestic TV stations, local TV stations, and internet live channels. If you can think of it, you can watch it.
  5. Simple operation, supports automatic startup, making it easy for both the elderly and children to naturally familiarize themselves with the operation.
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Software Functions:

  1. Regional identification: Automatically determines the province or region you are in and prioritizes displaying local TV channels.
  2. Bookmark settings: You can bookmark your favorite channels and switch between them in the bookmarked channel list.
  3. Technical support: Choose technical support, get a service code, and accurately troubleshoot issues using the service code.
  4. Completely free: Synchronizes with high-definition live broadcasts from TV stations, covering the majority of CCTV and satellite TV channels.
  5. Frequently watched channels: Automatically determine your favorite channels and present them at the top of the channel list.
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