cvia lumen standard

  1. Jemma

    What is CVIA lumen? CVIA lumen vs ANSI lumen Comparison

    What do CVIA lumens mean? What is the difference between CVIA lumens and ANSI lumens? Actually, the CVIA Lumens is a new standard for expressing the brightness of projectors initiated by Chinese main projector interpreters like Dangbei, Xgimi, and more. What is CVIA? CVIA is the abbreviation...
  2. Amanda Brown

    Dangbei initiated and took the lead in enabling the CVIA lumen brightness standard

    The latest news is that Dangbei, the initiator of China's first industry-standard CVIA lumen brightness standard has taken the lead in adopting the new industry standard on the product, significantly promoting the industry standardization process. What is the CVIA lumen brightness standard...
  3. K

    Dangbei Projector Adopts CVIA Lumen as A New Brightness Standard

    Recently, Dangbei’s entire series of projection products officially launched the latest "CVIA Luminance Standard", marking the official application of the "CVIA Luminance Standard" initiated by Dangbei in the market, and pressing the accelerator key for the standardization process of the...