Dangbei initiated and took the lead in enabling the CVIA lumen brightness standard

The latest news is that Dangbei, the initiator of China's first industry-standard CVIA lumen brightness standard has taken the lead in adopting the new industry standard on the product, significantly promoting the industry standardization process.

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What is the CVIA lumen brightness standard?

CVIA luminance standard, called "The Technical Requirements and Test Methods of Projector Luminance Output", is the first group standard specifically for projector luminance in China.

On February 16, 2023, the China Video Industry Association(CVIA) held a final discussion meeting offline in Beijing for the preparation of the group standard "The Technical Requirements and Test Methods of Projector Luminance Output", which was attended by representatives from more than ten companies such as XGIMI and Dangbei, as well as platform providers JD and Tmall.

After a lively discussion and exchange among the experts, the group standard "The Technical Requirements and Test Methods of Projector Luminance Output" finally formed a draft for public comment and officially entered the public notice stage. Dangbei became the first projection company to adopt the CVIA brightness standard.

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From 2016 to now, the intelligent projection industry has sustained rapid development, with the highest year-on-year growth of 83%. According to the latest data from Lotu Technology, in 2022, China's intelligent projection market sales reached 6.178 million units, with a year-on-year growth of 28.6%.

On the one hand, many crossover brands and small and medium-sized brands have joined the market. By the end of 2022, the number of brands sold in China's smart projection market has exceeded 200. On the other hand, market chaos also gradually appeared, and the projector brightness of false propaganda is very serious.

As we all know, brightness is the core parameter of the projector, but also the basis of all experience. In other words, if a projector isn't as bright as it needs to be, color performance, high-definition resolution, and contrast are useless. This has led to a number of unscrupulous businesses making false claims about brightness.

In 2019, a mainstream projection brand was exposed by the Market Supervision Administration sampling projection light efficiency is not up to standard, and small and medium-sized brands exaggerate the nominal brightness of the product more seriously. The problem of false brightness in the projector industry is widespread, causing great distress to consumers and putting truly strong projection brands in a whirlwind.

As the head of the intelligent projection industry, Dangbei is well aware of the great harm to the industry and consumers of the brightness false standard. As a result, Dangbei initiated and continued to promote the establishment of the CVIA lumen brightness standard from user needs and industry development. With the joint efforts of Dangbei, XGIMI, and other enterprises and the China Video Industry Association, China's first projection brightness standard CVIA lumen was released, ushering in a new opportunity for high-quality development in the projection industry.

* Specific requirements for CVIA lumens brightness

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"The Technical Requirements and Test Methods of Projector Luminance Output" in the existing international standards, and national standards based on the premise that the document will be on the projector in the light output indicators, technical requirements, and test methods for a more complete, unified description and specification:

1. Uniform identification: the light output value measured by the test method in the document will be uniformly identified as CVIA brightness.

2. Technical requirements: The light output value of the projector shall not be less than 80% of the nominal value of the product.

3. Test method: In addition to the adjustment of the projector's working condition, the measurement results of the white field color temperature and color coordinates also made clear requirements.

The release of the CVIA lumen brightness standard is an important turning point in the projection industry with milestone significance. The CVIA lumen brightness standard is the world's first industry-standard specifically for projector brightness, and presents a Chinese solution for the governance of this important performance indicator, which is of positive and significant significance," said Dong Min, Deputy Secretary General of the China Video Industry Association.

Dangbei became the first company to enable the new standard after its release, demonstrating its foresight in the development of the industry. It is revealed that after the unification of the CVIA lumen brightness standard, Dangbei X series products will become the highest brightness of domestic DLP intelligent projection products.

From the perspective of the industry's long-term development, Dangbei's pioneering launch has strongly called on more companies to join the application of the new brightness standard, which has greatly boosted the projection industry toward high-quality development. Most importantly, by landing the CVIA lumen brightness standard on the product side, consumers can truly benefit and no longer be affected by the brightness false labeling chaos in their purchasing decisions.

The release of the CVIA lumen brightness standard and Dangbei's taking the lead in enabling the new brightness standard set a new tone for the upward development of the smart projection industry throughout the year - ushering in the era of high-quality development once again after the high-speed growth phase. It also foreshadows that Chinese projection companies are taking more initiative in the international arena.