dangbei d5x pro

  1. C

    Dangbei D5X Pro Review, Portable Laser Smart Projector

    How does Dangbei D5X Pro review? Dangbei launched a new portable laser projector at the 2023 spring new product launch conference: Dangbei D5X Pro. What are the characteristics and breakthroughs of this portable projector that combines small size and laser? In this article, let's see how the...
  2. Serena Anderson

    Dangbei X5 and Dangbei D5X Pro New Released, Laser Projector New Benchmark

    On April 14, Dangbei held the "Devotion and Progress" 2023 Dangbei Spring product release conference, officially launched two new laser smart projectors, Dangbei X5, and Dangbei D5X Pro, and predicted that Dangbei interactive System 4.0 would be launched soon. Since its entry into the smart...