Dangbei X5 and Dangbei D5X Pro New Released, Laser Projector New Benchmark

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2023 Dangbei Spring product release conference.jpg

On April 14, Dangbei held the "Devotion and Progress" 2023 Dangbei Spring product release conference, officially launched two new laser smart projectors, Dangbei X5, and Dangbei D5X Pro, and predicted that Dangbei interactive System 4.0 would be launched soon. Since its entry into the smart projector market, Dangbei has always been the fastest-growing projector brand in the head queue. For every two laser projectors sold in China, one is from Dangbei.

Dangbei X5: Laser Projector New Benchmark​

The new Dangbei X5 is still positioning the laser flagship projector, achieving six upgrades on brightness, color, performance, sound quality, AI intelligence, and function.

Dangbei X5 VS Dangbei X3.jpg

According to the new CVIA lumen brightness standard, the Dangbei X5 projector has become one of the brightest smart projectors with 2450 CVIA lumen brightness. Based on the high-quality performance of the ALPD laser light source, Danbe X5 avoids the phenomena of "speckle" and "dispersion" caused by the previous three-color laser projection from the luminous source, bringing a clearer, more gorgeous, and healthy viewing experience.

Compared to its predecessor, the Dangbei X5 is 12% brighter, 11% lighter, and 13% smaller.

MT9679 Chips.jpg

During the press conference, the MT9679 chip on the Dangbei X5 was unveiled for the first time. MT9679 is the latest chip designed by MediaTek specifically for high-end smart TV/projectors. It adopts the most advanced manufacturing process and high-performance CPU/GPU, capable of providing trillions of computing power per second. With the support of this powerful core, the performance of Dangbei X5 can be improved comprehensively: CPU frequency increased by 13%, GPU frequency increased by 15.4%, memory speed increased by 16.7%, and support for WiFi 6, USB3.0, X SUPER resolution, AI image enhancement, producer mode, etc.

Dangbei X5 Projector Features.jpg

X SUPER Super-resolution technology uses artificial intelligence deep learning to reshape low-resolution film sources frame by frame, which has a remarkable improvement in picture clarity. The new AI Ruihua engine is able to make intelligent adjustments by analyzing the picture signal and calculating the hue and saturation of the color.

Producer mode can remove the artificial processing of the post-production image, retain the original aspect ratio, color, and frame rate, and present the original content of the video from the perspective of the producer, which is very practical for professionals and film lovers.

Dangbei D5X Pro: Redefine Portable Projector​

Dangbei D5X Pro laser projector.jpg

Dangbei D5X Pro laser projector has an ultra-thin appearance. In the development process, the Dangbei product team adopted the idea of reverse development in a subversive way, framing the volume of the whole machine at the beginning, and then promoting the design and manufacturing of the optical machine, so that the volume of the optical machine is constantly reduced.

Dangbei projector ALPD Laser.jpg

The D5X Pro not only refreshes the brightness limit of thin and thin projectors but also gets a lot of valuable technology accumulation, such as secondary energy recovery technology, microsecond power dynamic modulation technology, double compound eye uniform light system, and more advanced light source architecture.

The D5X Pro uses the MT9669 flagship chip, matches 4G+32G large memory, and supports WiFi6. In the aspect of picture adaptation, D5X Pro is equipped with the Omni AI vision system, which can easily realize automatic correction, automatic focus, automatic entry, automatic obstacle avoidance and other functions.

Dangbei D5X Pro.jpg

Smart projectors already have natural eye protection advantages because of the imaging method, and the Dangbei projector has reached a higher dimension of eye protection standards and has successively obtained the German TUV Rheinet-based low blue light certification and the US FDA laser safety standard certification.

A New Generation of Dangbei Interactive System 4.0: More Smooth​

In addition, the press conference also introduced the new generation of Dangbei Interactive system 4.0, which will be in private beta in the spring. It advocates a streamlined "noise reduction" design and is committed to promoting the application of household projection at the AI level. Dangbei Interactive System 4.0 has made significant updates to the homepage UI and intelligent functions. For example, it provides a full range of personalized Settings such as wallpaper and components, and launched camping mode, split screen mode, AI photo wall, and other functions.

Dangbei Interactive System 4.0.jpg

At the same time, the new generation of Dangbei Interactive System 4.0 is equipped with the quantum engine developed by Dangbei, which has greatly improved the fluency of the system. Based on the analysis of the mainstream usage scenarios and different usage frequencies of large screen users, Dangbei Quantum Engine is deeply optimized in the aspects of scene intelligent identification, resource scheduling strategy, and system low-level mechanism, and the startup speed is increased by 12%, the application installation speed is increased by 4 times, and the fluency is increased by 64%.

Dangbei Interactive System 4.0 features.jpg

This year is the third year that Dangbei has been involved in the field of smart projectors, and the tenth year that Dangbei has been deeply engaged in the field of large screens. Dangbei Projector has become the first brand of laser projectors in China in just a few years with an amazing development speed.

Dangbei Mars Pro laser projector.jpg

With the increase in brand awareness, Dangbei also began to lay out the global market and launched the first global flagship projector - the Dangbei Mars Pro projector. The laser projector uses an MT9669 processor and an ALPD laser light source, with 3,200 ANSI lumens and 4+128GB of RAM. It has shown absolute advantages in both product form and product function have shown absolute advantages. Believe that in 2023 Dangbei's new laser projector products will once again set off a new storm in the laser projector market.


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hello everyone, I don't see any user reviews of the Dangbei X5, has anyone used it? can he give his opinion? Sincerely