dangbei d5x projector

  1. Mialulu

    Dangbei D5X dToF Lidar and Omniscient AI Vision Algorithms, how is it?

    What is the Dangbei D5X Smart Tech? What are the multi-zone dToF lidar and omniscient AI vision algorithms in the projector? Dangbei, a Chinese projector brand, recently launched a portable projector, the D5X projector. When you use this projector, a clear and square picture will appear in...
  2. Elena

    Dangbei D5X Projector Review, 2023 Portable Projector

    Recently, Dangbe launched the first thin and light intelligent projector D5X, providing a new choice for home theater. This article will show you the Dangbei D5X review. Dangbei D5X Projector Review: Design As the first thin and light intelligent projection launched by Dangbei, Dangbei D5X...
  3. D

    Dangbei D5X projector: 0.33 inch DMD chip, 1100 ANSI lumens

    Dangbei D5X projector is now launched, equipped with 0.33DMD chip, with 1100 ANSI lumens, the first price is 2999 yuan. Dangbei D5X projector adopts a thin and light design, with a thickness of about 5cm. Made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, it weighs about 1kg. Dangbei D5X projector is...