Dangbei D5X dToF Lidar and Omniscient AI Vision Algorithms, how is it?



What is the Dangbei D5X Smart Tech?​

What are the multi-zone dToF lidar and omniscient AI vision algorithms in the projector? Dangbei, a Chinese projector brand, recently launched a portable projector, the D5X projector. When you use this projector, a clear and square picture will appear in front of you within a few seconds after turning on the projector; when there are obstacles or curtains in front of you, Dangbei D5X can also quickly identify and choose to avoid or automatically enter the screen. This intelligent adjustment makes the user feel extremely comfortable. The realization of the above functions is because Dangbei D5X projector adopts advanced intelligent technology-multi-zone dToF lidar and omniscient AI vision algorithm.

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the projector industry, environmental perception technology has become a research hotspot. Usually, projectors can realize autonomous intelligence through the powerful environmental perception technology of sensors. One of the mainstream solutions for current sensing is ToF technology, which is divided into two types: iToF and dToF. The dToF lidar technology used in Dangbei D5X projector has entered the high-end electronics market with its multi-dimensional detection advantages. At present, as long as the scene requires absolute precision measurement of distance, dToF needs to be used, including large-screen lock screen unlocking applications, AR game applications, etc.

What is dToF lidar thch?​

What is dToF lidar? It refers to "Direct ToF", that is, the light pulse is directly emitted to the measurement object, and then the time interval between the reflected light pulse and the emitted light pulse is measured to obtain the time of flight of the light. This function of Dangbei D5X projector adopts the multi-point dToF of SPAD technology, which can arbitrarily define 4*4 ROI areas in 12*18 SPADs to detect the distance at the same time. It supports long-distance ranging and multi-angle super high Accuracy monitoring.


What's the Pro of dToF?​

Compared with iToF (Indirect ToF), dToF has faster response speed, higher measurement accuracy, and better anti-environmental interference performance. The depth information of the reliability, the measurement error at different distances is also more stable than most other schemes.

What's the Pro of dToF?

Dangbei D5X projector adopts this technology, which can achieve faster, more accurate and more detailed measurement results. The user moves the machine at will, and the projector can also instantly complete non-sensing focusing and non-sensing trapezoidal correction, presenting a square and clear picture effect within one second, with a strong user experience.

What is Omniscient AI Vision Algorithm?​

Of course, the dToF lidar technology alone cannot satisfy the intelligent operation of the projector. The machine itself actually needs a "perception brain" that can calculate. The omniscient AI vision algorithm plays a key role, which can significantly improve Dangbei D5X projection. With the intelligent experience of the instrument in complex scenarios, the machine can achieve "the more you use it, the smarter it is".

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What are the features of the Omniscient AI Vision Algorithm?​

The omniscient AI vision algorithm is mainly based on the AI vision algorithm model of deep learning. Compared with traditional algorithms, it has more powerful data analysis and processing capabilities. The algorithm is modeled on a neural network, and can integrate advanced algorithm technologies such as artificial intelligence, image processing, pattern recognition, intelligent analysis, and signal processing into diverse scenarios. By analyzing a large amount of data, high-precision features of the user's use of the machine are extracted. During use, the system has high recognition and strong anti-interference ability, and its reliability is very strong.

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What's the Pro of Dangbei D5X with the Omniscient AI Vision Algorithm?​

In the process of using the projector, the user can clearly feel various forms of adjustment and sensing functions such as auto focus, keystone correction, automatic screen entry, automatic obstacle avoidance, etc., and it can run quickly and stably. Compared with other machines, the speed of Dangbei D5X is doubled, and the calculation process has higher accuracy and stronger stability, and the experience is the best among products of the same level.

Therefore, when the dToF lidar technology and the omniscient AI vision algorithm are perfectly combined, Dangbei D5X projector has a set of super intelligent perception system. At the same time, the NPU of the main chip MT9669 provides a computing power of 1 trillion times per second for complex algorithms. Therefore, Dangbei D5X has a strong ability to adapt to the environment, which greatly reduces the tedious adjustment steps in the use process.

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What are the smart features of Dangbei D5X?​

Autofocus: Without the user's perception, the clear adjustment of the picture is completed in an instant, real-time monitoring and avoiding blurred pictures;

Keystone correction: During operations such as side projection and reverse projection, the image can be accurately adjusted to a square image suitable for viewing without the user feeling anything;

Automatic screen entry: Automatically identify the area of the screen, and accurately align the projection screen with the screen to achieve a rapid and accurate process;

Automatic obstacle avoidance: identify obstacles in the projection area and avoid them intelligently, and select the most suitable blank area to project images;

Anti-glare eye protection: Perfectly grasp the user's activity track, when people block the screen, it can accurately sense and realize the intelligent off-screen, avoid human eyes from being directly hit by strong light, and protect the user's eyes.
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Why Choose the Dangbei D5X projector?​

As a projector known as a "performance monster", the practical functional experience brought by Dangbei D5X is very good. Dangbei D5X has a complete set of intelligent systems, through super-intelligent algorithms and perception, it can truly liberate the hands of users and experience intelligent advanced technology. Not only that, Dangbei D5X also broke through the upper limit in terms of performance. Large running memory, larger display chips, brighter display brightness, and an operating system with more gameplay functions make it the best choice for users. Check out the Dangbei D5X Projector Review to know more about this projector.

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For now, the Dangbei D5X is only available for the Chinese market. Another global version projector from the brand, Dangbei Mars Pro, is a more advanced laser 4K home projector with 3200 ANSI lumens and an intelligent system, priced at just 1799$. You can check the Dangbei Mars Pro Review if it fits your need.

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