displace tv

  1. Felia

    2023 Displace 4K OLED TV Without Wire Connecting

    American start-up company Displace displayed a 55-inch 4K OLED TV Displace TV at CES 2023, which can use the vacuum ring on the back of the machine to absorb on flat surfaces such as glass and walls. When it needs to be fixed, the user only needs to let the back of the fuselage touch the flat...
  2. G

    Can the Wireless Displace TV 2023 really replace TVs?

    American brand Displace has announced that it will launch "the world's first truly wireless TV" at the 2023 International CES, an OLED TV powered by rechargeable batteries. So, it's a truly wireless TV. Do you think wireless TVs will replace TVs? How is the Wireless Displace TV? This wireless...