hisense 120lx

  1. OldCooper

    Hisense announces new laser lineup for 2023

    On April 10, Hisense Video Total Scene Display Strategy Conference and Hisense Spring New Product Launch was officially held, and Hisense 2023 Laser TV's new product lineup was announced. The new product lineup includes the Hisense laser TV LX series, the L8K series, the L5K series, and the...
  2. Samuel Miller

    Hisense 8K Laser TV Will be Released Soon

    Following the revelation that Samsung will soon launch 8K laser TVs in the Chinese market, Hisense recently said it will officially launch the world's first laser TV, the 120LX, on April 10. It is understood that Hisense's first 8K laser TV 120LX, with a screen brightness of up to 400 nits...