hisense a9h

  1. Felia

    How is Hisense A9H OLED TV?

    Hisense A9H OLED TV is Hisense's first OLED TV equipped with HDMI 2.1, but it does not use Google TV system on the system, but uses Hisense's own Vidda system, which also shows that this TV should be in non-US regions Sales, such as Europe. The Vidda system in Europe offers support for...
  2. L

    Hisense A9H USA

    Can I get Hisense A9H in the USA? I saw this model released in the UK, it's so cool! When will it come to the USA? I got this from Hisense A9H review
  3. N

    Hisense A9H and A85H, What's the different?

    I've seen in some channels Hisense is launching 55" and 65" A85H OLED TVs with most of the same features as the A9H. However, is it any different from the A9H?
  4. Q

    When will A9H OLED be available?

    The Hisense A9H is now temporarily out of stock on Amazon. When will it be available?
  5. T

    Is Hisense A9H TV good for gaming?

    Is Hisense A9H TV good for gaming? How is this TV?
  6. T

    How is the peak brightness of Hisense A9H?

    On the official web of Hisense, there is a peak brightness of 1000 nit, but the detail page is also a 800 nit, why?
  7. H

    Is Hisense A9H only available in 65 inch?

    Is Hisense A9H only available in 65 inch? It should be 55'' and 65'', but now I can only find 65 inch on Amazon.
  8. C

    Hisense A9H OLED TV Review: Good Gaming TV

    Recently, Hisense released a new OLED TV, the A9H, which is an upgraded version of last year's A9G. Equipped with HDMI 2.1 port, the A9H effectively improves the performance of the latest gaming consoles, which could become one of the choices for gaming players. Let's see how the specifications...