hisense projector

  1. OldCooper

    Hisense Vidda C1 Pro/C1 Air Tri-color Laser Projector Announced

    In the Vidda 4K tricolor laser projection new launch, the new tricolor laser projector Vidda C1S was unveiled, which has a built-in LPU tricolor laser engine with a multi-dimensional dynamic dispersion spot solution. In addition to the official launch of Vidda C1S, the previously announced...
  2. M

    Hisense Vidda Projector C1 Review

    The world's first RGB full-color laser projector with 4K resolution, how about the Hisense Vidda C1 evaluation? let's see. Based on the pure color of the RGB three-color laser, the Hisense Vidda C1 projector achieves the highest color level among the current projectors. Up to 107% of BT.2020...
  3. LLLisa

    Hisense Vidda C1 projector review: 1350ANSI lumens, 240Hz

    On the evening of May 30, Hisense Vidda C1 4K full-color laser projector was officially unveiled. The product adopts 4K full-color laser technology and supports 1350ANSI lumen brightness. Let's see if it is good. Picture quality The Vidda C1 projector adopts Hisense high-end TV homologous...
  4. SuperM

    Hisense Vidda to launch laser projector and aerospace co-branded NFT

    Hisense Vidda as Hisense's young technology hip brand, recently announced that it will launch a joint NFT, the current poster image through the official announcement, some users speculate that the product is a Vidda laser projector. Vidda, as Hisense's technology trendy brand for young...