hisense tv setting

  1. P

    How to cast iPad to Hisense TV?

    There are two ways to cast the iPad to the Hisense TV, so that the screen on the iPad can be played on the TV. They are to use the VGA signal converter dedicated to iPad, and use AirPlay wireless playback. Method 1: Cast iPad to Hisense TV with VGA signal converter 1. Insert one end of the...
  2. Mialulu

    How to find IP address on Hisense TV without remote? Fixed

    An IP address is the network address that identifies an Internet connection. On Hisense TV, your IP address will be different depending on the WIFI network you are connected to. In this article. You will learn how to find the IP address on your Hisense TV without a remote control. How to use...
  3. T

    How to connect HDMI to Hisense TV?

    I use HDMI to connect DVD and Hisense LCD TV. After the connection, the audio will sound normally. But the TV doesn't show any picture. Am I connecting the HDMI to the Hisense TV wrong? How should I connect the Hisense HDMI cable? Is there a solution please?
  4. L

    Where is the power button on my Hisense Smart TV?

    Where is the power button on my Hisense Smart TV? I cannot find the button on my Hisense TV.
  5. C

    How to reset Hisense TV with No Picture

    This article will introduce the solution on how to reset Hisense TV no picture. Why does Hisense TV have no picture? There are many reasons why your Smart TV is not outputting pictures. First, a software update may have failed or it may simply be a bug. Performing certain operations while...
  6. C

    Why is my Hisense TV screen black? Fixed

    If your Hisense TV does not have pictures, that is a black screen issue. Here are the fixes. 1. Check whether the Hisense TV is powered on. Once the TV is on, flip the switch to fix the problem. 2. Check whether the power button on the remote control is pressed. Turn off the TV screen and put...
  7. R

    How to turn off subtitles on Hisense TV?

    Why does my Hisense TV always show subtitles? Users who have purchased Hisense TVs often ask the question: Why does my Hisense TV always display subtitles, or why does my Hisense TV always repeat what I do on the TV? This is because Hisense TVs manufactured after December 20, 2016 offer...
  8. L

    Where is the volume button on Hisense TV?

    Where is the volume button on Hisense TV? i lost my remote control and I want to low down the voice volume but cannot find the button on my hisense tv.