Why is my Hisense TV screen black? Fixed


If your Hisense TV does not have pictures, that is a black screen issue. Here are the fixes.
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1. Check whether the Hisense TV is powered on. Once the TV is on, flip the switch to fix the problem.

2. Check whether the power button on the remote control is pressed. Turn off the TV screen and put the TV into standby mode. Pressing the power button again fixes the problem.

3. Check whether the TV detects the current signal input. Then start the black screen saver.

4. Make sure the TV signal input connection is good. Then press the source key on the remote control to switch the TV mode, video mode and HDMI mode one by one.

5. If there is still no picture after troubleshooting, it is generally believed that it is caused by the failure of the switch circuit or other components of the TV mainboard, the picture failure and other hardware failures.

It is recommended to contact the after-sales service personnel of the TV to conduct a comprehensive inspection of your Hisense TV.
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The black screen of Hisense TV may be caused by the following reasons:

1. The screen drive circuit inside the LCD TV has a fault caused by virtual welding. This kind of problem can only be contacted by after-sales service.

2. There is a problem with the power supply itself, causing the power supply to fail to start. Check whether there is a problem with the power supply of the TV. If there is no problem with the power supply, contact the after-sales service.

3. The circuit of the switch part of the control high-voltage board on the AD board in the TV is burnt out. This requires a new high voltage control board.

4. The backlight of the TV screen is broken or other special circumstances. This requires contacting after-sales service.

5. If there is no response to the button and the indicator light does not light up when pressing the panel, this may be due to the abnormal power supply circuit causing the black screen of the Hisense TV.