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  1. Felia

    2023 Hisense U6K vs U7K vs U8K, What are the features?

    In this article, we compare Hisense U6K vs U7K vs U8K and introduce their features. Hisense U6K vs U7K vs U8K, What are the features? Hisense is looking to make big moves in 2023 when we look into the 2023 Hisense TV Lineup Review. It's clear to me after seeing the UX in person that they are...
  2. Jemma

    2023 Hisense TV Lineup U6, U7, U8 Review

    2023 Hisense TV Lineup Review At CES 2023, the Hisense TV lineup has been completely revamped, and there's plenty to talk about. In this article, we will introduce the information about Hisense TVs, and let’s see what’s new in 2023. The first thing that you need to know is that, if it says...
  3. G

    Hisense first Fire TV, how is it?

    Are you looking forward to Amazon's Fire TV? The latest good news is that Hisense has reached a cooperation with Amazon. They will launch Hisense's collection Fire TV in the United States, that is, the Hisense U6 Series. This series now has two models, 50 inches and 58 inches, respectively. The...