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    LG A1 vs. LG A2, which TV is worth buying for 2022?

    LG A1 is a 2021 model, and LG A2 is a 2022 new OLED TV. I want to know which do you recommend buying for 2022? Do they have a big difference? Thank you.
  2. Tommy_tvs

    LG A2 vs. LG A1 TV Review, which OLED TV is better?

    LG's OLED TV lineup for 2022 is strong, and with new panel technology and also image processors, LG is bringing even more great TVs to the market. LG is also introducing a more affordable option, the LG A2. Just like last year's LG A1, the A2 is also the most affordable of this year's OLED...
  3. Tommy_tvs

    LG CX vs. LG G1 vs. LG A1 OLED TV, what's the difference?

    LG's OLED TVs have been praised by everyone, but with so many models, it can be difficult to choose the best OLED TV for you. For this article, I've picked the three most popular LG OLED TVs, LG CX vs. LG G1 vs. LG A1, to see what their differences are and which one is best for you. 1...