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    LG M3 OLED TV 97-inch With Zero Connect, is it good?

    At CES 2023, LG unveiled the new LG SIGNATURE OLED M3 model TV with Zero Connect technology and better audio and video transmission. The company announced that the M3 is the first consumer TV to consist of a Zero Connect between the TV screen and the audio-visual box. LG's 4K OLED technology...
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    LG M3 OLED TV Release Date, Coming at CES 2023

    When will the LG M3 OLED be released? LG plans to launch a number of new products at the CES 2023 exhibition to be held on January 5 next year. According to sources, LG plans to launch the M3 series of TVs in 2023, similar to the G3 series but without MLA technology. It is reported that LG...