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  1. Grace's

    Is TruMotion 60Hz better than 120?

    When you see TruMotion 60Hz, it's actually a frame interpolation technology from LG. The real refresh rate is actually 30Hz. 120 TruMotion= 60hz refresh rate 240 TruMotion= 120hz refresh rate When you LG advertise TruMotion 120 is when it is doubling 60Hz and adding intermediate frames to...
  2. Grace's

    What is TruMotion 120Hz?

    When you shop for a TV from LG, you may see the term TruMotion 120Hz. what exactly does this mean? Is this the same as the usual 120Hz refresh rate we commonly see, but just a different term? This article will answer that for you. What is TruMotion? In fact, TruMotion is a technology...
  3. Adney

    What does TruMotion 120 (native 60hz) mean?

    LG TVs list TruMotion data and the native refresh rate of the display panel, which may be in the form of "TruMotion 120 (native 60Hz)" or "TruMotion 240 (120Hz refresh rate)". But what does it mean anyway? What's the difference between TruMotion and refresh rate? This article will help you...
  4. T

    What is trumotion 120 of LG TV?

    what does LG TV trumotion 120 mean anyway? Actually, it refers to the refresh rate. The refresh rate is expressed in Hz, indicating the number of times the display refreshes per second. 120Hz refers to the number of times the display refreshes per second. It is used to measure the update speed...