oppo k9

  1. XXMAN98

    OPPO K9x vs. OPPO K9 TV, what's the difference?

    A few days ago, OPPO released a new TV OPPO K9x 65 inches, many people are curious what the difference between OPPO K9x and the previous old OPPO K9, and this article will tell you. 1. Size OPPO TV K9x is only available in the 65-inch version, while OPPO TV K9 is relatively richer in size...
  2. Nadia

    Redmi X 2022 vs. OPPO K9 smart TV, What's the difference?

    The Xiaomi Redmi Smart TV X 2022, which was previously announced as the "must-have entry game TV for young people", was released a few days ago. As another entry-level premium TV, the OPPO TV K9 is also very popular. So what are their difference? Difference 1: Startup with or without ads The...
  3. Emma

    OPPO K9 Smart TV Review: good choice for youngsters

    In the first half of this year, OPPO released the smart TV K9, there are 43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches in three models. And in the other day OPPO K9 Pro launch, OPPO Smart TV K9 launched a 75-inch version, further improve the product line of the large-screen TV, but also for young users and...
  4. Gabe

    OPPO K9 smart TV 75" will be released at event on Sep.26

    The OPPO K9 smart TV, the OPPO K9 Pro phone and the OPPO Watch Free will be unveiled at an event on September 26. The OPPO K9 75-inch TV has a billion colors, according to a promotional image released by the press release. "It's pretty hardcore," it says, referring to its powerful hardware...