philips 2023 tv

  1. Emma

    Philips PUF8297 TV Released, 4K HD Screen

    Philips recently launched its new TV PUF8297. The new product is available in 55 -, 65 -, 70 - and 75-inch sizes. In terms of configuration, the Philips PUF8297 TV is equipped with Philips' patented ambient light technology, which automatically adjusts the LED lights on the back according to...
  2. OldCooper

    Philips PUF7358 TV Released with Eye Protection

    Recently, Philips launched a new TV PUF7358, this TV has the characteristics of intelligent eye protection, bringing a more comfortable audio-visual experience for home video. In daily life, TV screens, mobile phone screens and other digital products will produce a lot of harmful blue light...
  3. Barton7

    Philips PUF7108 TV Releases, What's new?

    It is reported that Philips TV PUF7108 is a brand new launch, let's take a look at the product features. With an ultra-narrow metal frame, the Philips PUF7108 TV has an ultra-high screen ratio for a wider visual perception. For a TV, while paying attention to its high appearance level, we...
  4. Jemma

    Philips 2023 TV OLED908, 808, 708 TV Prices, Features

    Philips has now launched its 2023 range of smart TVs, including its new flagship OLED+908, which will arrive later this year. Philips' 2023 OLED TV range includes the OLED708, OLED808 and the flagship OLED908. What are features of the Philips 2023 OLED908 TV? All 2023 Philips TVs are equipped...