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    What are the features of MediaTek MTK9679 chip?

    MediaTek MTK9679 is MediaTek's latest big screen end processing chip, compared to its predecessor MTK9669 chip has a lot of enhancements. So what are the features of the MediaTek MTK9679 chip? What is MediaTek MTK9679 chip? CPU processor The MediaTek MTK9679 chip is a high-performance...
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    1080p resolution with 0.23, 0.33, 0.47 DMD, the differences

    You will find projectors claiming 1080p resolution at a very wide price range on the market, no matter online or in a walk-in shop. Actually, they should be different due to the different sizes of DMD. So what are the differences between 1080p resolution with 0.23, 0.33, 0.47 DMD? 1. 0.23DMD...
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    What is the relationship between projector resolution and display chip?

    What does the projector resolution mean? What is the connection between it and the display chip? Let‘s have a look. What is the projector resolution? Resolution is the clarity of the projector screen. The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture. The resolution of home projectors must...
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    Projector CPU chip comparison: What's Different?

    Recently, more and more TV and projection brands use Amlogic T972-H chip, such as Xiaomi full-screen TV Pro, Fengmi and other projectors. Amlogic T972 chip uses quad-core Cortex-A55 architecture. In terms of graphics, the GPU is upgraded from Mali 450 to Mali-G31, supporting the latest OpenGL...