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    How to connect PS4 controller to Android Box?

    If you like to use the PS4 controller on an Android box, you may be interested in how to connect the PS4 controller to your Android box. Here is a simple tutorial. How to connect PS4 controller to Android box? Generally, PS4 controllers equipped with Bluetooth connectivity can connect to most...
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    Will PS4 be delayed on projector?

    People ask that if I play PS4 on my projector, will it be delayed? Absolutely it will. If the PS4 is connected to the projector via HDMI there will be a delay more or less. The reason for the delay is the projector configuration and also the HDMI cable. If the projector supports motion...
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    Can Hisense laser TV be connected to PS4?

    Hisense Laser TV can connect to PS4, which can output signal externally through HDMI HD cable, and Hisense Laser TV is also equipped with HDMI signal input. So you can output the picture of ps4 to Hisense laser TV through HDMI HD cable. PlayStation 4 is a home game console launched by Sony...