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    Redmi Smart TV MAX 100 Review: IMAX Cinema Visual Effects

    The Redmi Smart TV MAX 98" launched by Redmi in 2020 became the most worthwhile super-sized TV at that time due to its high-cost performance. Now, Redmi has once again brought a super-sized TV, the Redmi MAX 100". Let's take a look at this Redmi MAX 100 review. 1. Redmi TV MAX 100 Review...
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    Is Xiaomi Redmi MAX 100" TV good?

    Xiaomi previously announced the Redmi MAX 100-inch giant screen TV, priced at $19,999(about $3148), which went on sale on the morning of April 6. Redmi MAX 100-inch giant screen TV adopts 98.8% screen-to-body ratio of 100-inch metal full-screen; the picture quality reaches 700nits peak...
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    Is Xiaomi Redmi MAX 100 TV cost-effective?

    At yesterday's Redmi K50 series launch, Xiaomi unveiled the Redmi MAX 100" TV, priced at 19,999 yuan(about $3148). Today, most of the TV products on the market are between 43 inches and 75 inches in size. For a large TV of 80 inches or more, many people's first thought maybe "Can I fit it in...