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  1. Robert

    Sharp AQUOS XLED 2024, the Latest Mini LED TV

    Sharp has launched its latest model, the AQUOS XLED 2024, featuring Xtreme Mini LED technology and the X-DDS Dynamic Digital Sound Landscape System, along with the XT Picture Engine, supporting a variable refresh rate of 144Hz, and boasting 4+128GB of internal storage. Sharp AQUOS XLED 2024...
  2. Robert

    Sharp Unveils 12.3-inch NanoLED TV Prototype

    At CES 2024, Sharp partnered with Quantum Dot display technology company Nanosys to showcase their collaborative effort—a prototype of a 12.3-inch NanoLED Quantum Dot Electroluminescent (QDEL) TV. Traditional Quantum Dot display technology relies on photoluminescence and requires the use of LCD...
  3. M

    Sharp Unveils New 100-Inch TV with 288Hz Ultra-High Refresh Rate

    Sharp is set to launch a cutting-edge 100-inch large-screen TV boasting an impressive 288Hz ultra-high refresh rate. According to reports from Sharp, the 100-inch large-screen TV is equipped with a remarkable 288Hz ultra-high refresh rate and features a full-fledged HDMI 2.1, VRR variable...
  4. Samuel Miller

    Sharp Unveils S7 Series Gaming TVs: Embracing 4K 120Hz High Refresh Rate

    In the ever-evolving world of entertainment technology, Sharp has taken a decisive step forward with the introduction of its S7 Series 120Hz gaming TVs. With models available in 65, 75, and 86-inch variants, the S7 Series aims to cater to the demands of gamers and cinephiles alike. Elevating...
  5. Samuel Miller

    Is Sharp AQUOS V Series Gaming TV Good?

    Although the monitor excels in highly focused MOBA and FPS games, the ease of use of gaming TVs is clearly higher for 3A masterpieces that seek more immersion and plot flow. Switching the interface with one touch via remote control allows gamers to enjoy gaming more easily without fumbling with...
  6. XXMAN98

    AWE2023: Samsung, Sony, Sharp reunite after years, 8K TV battle or staged

    With only ten days left before the China Appliance&electronics World Expo (hereinafter referred to as AWE2023) to be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 27-30, the number of visitors to the conference has been encouraging. The exhibiting brands are also spurting, so the...
  7. K

    How is the Sharp Gaming TV AQUOS V Series 86 inch TV?

    Sharp's new AQUOS V Series 86-inch gaming TV is now on shelves, with a debut price of $16,599. What about this Sharp AQUOS V Series 86-inch gaming TV? Sharp AQUOS V Series 86-inch gaming TV features a large 86-inch screen with 4K resolution, support for full-channel 120Hz refresh rate, 110%...
  8. Jack888

    New Sharp TV V series will be available soon with full channel 120Hz support

    November 30 news, the new Sharp TV will soon be available, according to Sharp's official microblogging news, the new Sharp TV may be V series, supporting all-channel 120Hz. In June, Sharp TV AQUOS XLED F8 series was released with a peak brightness of 1800nits, 8640 mini LED beads and 2160...
  9. D

    Does my Sharp AQUOS TV Have Bluetooth?

    The latest Sharp Smart TVs now on the market have smart systems like Android, so they have Bluetooth and can be connected to an external device like a smart phone. I want to know if my Sharp AQUOS TV has Bluetooth so that I can mirror my phone to the TV?