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  1. Samuel Miller

    Skyworth Coocaa Launches K3 Pro TV: Featuring 120Hz High Refresh Rate

    Skyworth Coocaa has recently introduced the K3 Pro TV, now available on various Chinese e-commerce platforms, boasting a high refresh rate of 120Hz and offering three models in 55/65/75 inches. In terms of design, the Skyworth Coocaa K3 Pro features a 4K full-screen display with a seamless...
  2. Robert

    Skyworth Wallpaper TV A7D First Look

    The new Skyworth Wallpaper TV A7D opens for preorder and will be pre-sold on April 21. Skyworth Wallpaper TV A7D comes in two sizes: 65 inches and 75 inches. According to the e-commerce page display of Skyworth Wallpaper TV A7D, Skyworth Wallpaper TV A7D has 4K resolution, a color gamut of...
  3. Nadia

    What is GLED TV?

    GLED, known as Geek LED, is a new generation of LED TV developed independently by Skyworth, using 4K technology, equipped with the first intelligent TV processor with China's intellectual property rights, and equipped with the cool open system, which is a major innovation in LED. See the new...
  4. Nadia

    Skyworth GLED A5D TV Release, Is it good?

    A few days ago, the much-anticipated Skyworth GLED HDTV A5D was released, which has been comprehensively improved in terms of quality and sound quality. Skyworth GLED A5D has a hundred levels of zoning backlight. The effect of a few ten zones on TV picture quality improvement is not obvious...
  5. C

    Skyworth A63 First Mini LED TV, is it good?

    Skyworth A63 Mini LED TV is the flagship Mini LED TV at 288 GHz, featuring a 288Hz refresh rate, ADS XDR display, Mini LED backlight, and 4GB+64GB storage. Skyworth A63 TV Appearance The Skyworth A63 MiniLED TV features a multi-faceted design with black and bronze gold color schemes. The bezel...
  6. Samuel Miller

    Skyworth A33 TV Review, Good picture with high contrast

    Skyworth officially launched a 2022 new TV - Skyworth A33 game TV. Let's see its review. 1. Appearance Design The Skyworth A33 TV features a metal base with a raised bottom edge for a narrower visual perception and a higher visual screen-to-body ratio. The screen-to-body ratio of 99% with...
  7. P

    Skyworth A33 Gaming TV released, Is it good?

    A few days ago, Skyworth released a new gaming TV Skyworth A33, with 55 inches / 65 inches / 75 inches / 86 inches four sizes, priced at 3799 yuan($596), 4999 yuan($785), 6999 yuan($1099) and 10499 yuan($1649) respectively. The Skyworth A33 TV is a "gaming-grade picture quality master" and...
  8. P

    How to check updates for Skyworth TV?

    This guide will show you how to check updates for Skyworth TV. 1. Press the Home button on the remote control. 2. Go to Settings. 3. Select About on the Settings menu. 4. Select System update. 5. If there's an update available, there will be a hint on your Skyworh TV, and you can...
  9. XXMAN98

    Skyworth A33 Game TV, Is it good?

    In 2022 Skyworth officially launched a new game TV - Skyworth A33. In its product description, we see Skyworth use the phrase "gaming-grade picture quality master A33", so we can't help but be excited about the performance of this game TV. It is understood that Skyworth A33 takes the lead in...
  10. S

    Why my Skyworth TV won't update?

    Why my Skyworth TV won't update? How to solve it? 1. Retrieve the Android serial number which is located in Settings> About> Status > Serial Number. 2. Retrieve the TV serial number which is located on the back of the unit underneath the UPC code. 3. Email the serial number to Skyworth...
  11. F

    How to activate FAST BOOT on Skyworth TV?

    Here is the guide on how to activate FAST BOOT on Skyworth TV so the TV Turns ON faster than the default full re-boot of the Android TV. “FAST BOOT” and “SHOP” modes are both found in the “TV Settings” menu. Carefully follow the steps below to access these settings. Menu Path for accessing...
  12. Barton7

    Where do I find Skyworth TV's Firmware Version?

    Where do I find Skyworth TV's Firmware Version? 1. Press the HOME button on the Skyworth Remote Control 2. Select the Settings icon on the upper right corner of the screen to Enter. 3. Scroll to DEVICE PREFERENCES 4. Select ABOUT and look for the Version you have
  13. Elena

    Skyworth Q41 Pro TV 75" Review, focus on eyes protecting

    Skyworth Q41 Pro 75-inch version was released in July. The biggest highlight of this product is the inclusion of SKYWORTH EYE CARE technology. Compared with the PWM dimming used by the traditional LCD TV, Skyworth Q41 Pro uses a new generation of DC dimming technology, directly control the size...