sony tv camera

  1. Felia

    How to upgrade 2022 Sony TV with camera recognition function?

    Sony has pushed the PKG6.6078.****CNA firmware upgrade for 2022 BRAVIA TVs, allowing users to control the TV through camera recognition gestures. This firmware is suitable for 2022 BRAVIA X80K / X85K / X90K / X91K / X95EK / Z9K / A80K / A80EK / A95K series-related models, the updated content is...
  2. G

    Does my Sony smart TV have a camera?

    Does my Sony smart TV have a camera? Can I get a camera on my Sony TV? How can I get a Sony TV camera like this?
  3. M

    What is Sony Bravia TV Camera Good for?

    In Sony's 2022 new TV series, both the painting series are equipped with cameras as standard. The camera is designed for magnetic attraction and has a physical switch to prevent privacy leakage. In addition, the camera can be purchased separately, and TVs with XR chips can be plugged in. What...