sony x80j

  1. Jemma

    Is Sony X80K Good? Sony X80K Pros and Cons

    The Sony X80K series TV is positioned as a TV for daily watching movies, TV, and running smoothly. Many people think, Is Sony X80K good? Is Sony X80K worth buying? Here come out with its pros and cons. What's good in Sony X80K? First of all, the Sony X80K is equipped with Sony's intelligent...
  2. Tommy_tvs

    Sony X80K vs. Sony X80J TV Review, what's the difference?

    The much-anticipated new Sony TV has been officially launched, and naturally, users want to compare the new model with the old one to see what upgrades and differences there are. This article will compare Sony X80K vs. Sony X80J TV to see what the differences are. 1. Appearance The old X80J's...